The following reviews are what her readers have to say about her poems:

While your descriptive versus paint vivid, beautiful pictures, the ones that touch me the most are those in which I can see Mil or Nick or your mother, and the special bond between you, And the mother-child love in “Evasive Time” is so universal, my eyes filled with tears for my beloved mother. And that’s what poems should do!     ~ Bette R.   February 2009

Jo Geluso a lady so keen
Is a darling, a gem and a queen
    She’s a joy to behold
    Like a nugget of gold
Read her poems and you’ll see what I mean!   ~ Mimi G.      May 2008

Bridge to Tomorrow —great title! You are able to create such loving images that really touch the heart. As a reader I could relate to so many.......You repeatedly plucked the exact string on the harp of my memories.......The poems about your children, grandchildren and other family members are often so touchingly poignant that I want to commit certain stanzas to memory —particularly the last ones in “Keepsake” and “Young Biologist.”    ~ Carole     January 2014

Was outstanding in her one woman show
   She drew laughter and tears
   As she relived the years
Through her poems that did sparkle and glow.    ~ Mimi G.

You paint such graphic pictures I feel I am there with you, enjoying all the special moments of family life. . . . I’m so glad you’re still going strong at 95, and I look forward to your 100th year edition!   
      ~ Betty R.    January 2017

I was all choked up and teary as I closed the back cover of the last of the four books. . . I just couldn't put the books down as, through them, you drew me back over my eight decades of life that so paralleling your own. . .Throughout your books, from poem to poem, something caught my eye and my heart, be it a familiar beloved treat (cannoli... just one of many) or the delightful way that you beckoned it back to life via your gifted ability with words ("touch a heart in tune with mine" Bridge to Tomorrow, pg. 37). . . I will be reading and re-reading these books, because they edify my soul and they also are a great assist in evoking precious memories of decades ago that I had long since forgotten.            ~ Carole     July 2016

A thought on encountering Flowering in December  – Enthralled by your poems I dream along with you . . .unknown poet . . .instant friend    ~ Anonymous

Your ocean references in many of the poems bring back memories of the 40 summers at our lakefront cottage on Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, NY -- the howling storms, raging waves, ropes straining at their moorings, etc., and the years of blissful mornings watching God paint the sunrises . . . I loved "Moments" in wish you describe the delights of a warm summer evening at the lake complete with full moon, fireflies, soaring birds, lightning, twinkling stars.     ~ Carole     June 2016

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